Welcome to Japan – Fukuoka 

After a fourteen hour flight (with a quick change in Tokyo) I’ve officially arrived to My first destination – Fukuoka, a rather industrial looking city in the north of Kyushu.

I’m stopping here for 2 nights to visit a local festival called Karatsu Kunchi and work off the jet lag. So far I’ve had a taste of a local breakfast dish called Tamago kake gohan which is basically raw egg on warm rice (I’ve added some soy sauce and pickled things) its interesting but I wouldn’t try it at home (partially due to the lack of fresh eggs and the fear of salmonella) the taste is okish image attached.

I’ve ended the first day at a local food stand (Yatai) for some Ramen and beer. Random Japanese person joined in for the photo

Good night 🙂


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