I woke up early to catch a train to Karatsu to see the second day of the Karatsu Kunchi festival (runs for 3 days, second day starts at 9:30 and ends at 16:30). It’s a little over an hour on the train and I wanted to arrive before the start to get a good spot along the road. I got there at around nine but the streets were already quite full – which gladly is not as big a problem as I feared as people move around with the procession so you eventually get a spot.

The procession itself has around 10 large wood statues that are being carried by several dozen people of different ages all dressed up in traditional clothes. It’s a lovely sight and there’s a lot of positive energy (not to mention singing and dancing) but after about an hour it begins to repeat itself. 
I took the opportunity to visit the local castle, it has nice views of the city but is currently being restored so part of th views were obstructed and the castle itself was closed. Still was worth a visit.

Afterwords I went back to the festival and walked around the stalls buying random traditional food (though there were some more western options as well). If you haven’t been to a Japanese festival I definitely recommend a visit to one – the food stalls and various games are quite odd / fun.

I left at around lunch time and headed back to Fukuoka where I stopped for a walk in the main park (Ohori park) the park itself is quite large and several events were happening (including a children treasure hunt and some odd dance activity for students).

Fukuoka was a good start for the trip, it’s convenient fairly western friendly with good public transportation around the city. It’s not however more than that and I’d be hard pressed to recommend anyone to go out of their way for a visit.

Next up is Nagasaki where I stay 4 nights, stay tuned 

After a fourteen hour flight (with a quick change in Tokyo) I’ve officially arrived to My first destination – Fukuoka, a rather industrial looking city in the north of Kyushu.

I’m stopping here for 2 nights to visit a local festival called Karatsu Kunchi and work off the jet lag. So far I’ve had a taste of a local breakfast dish called Tamago kake gohan which is basically raw egg on warm rice (I’ve added some soy sauce and pickled things) its interesting but I wouldn’t try it at home (partially due to the lack of fresh eggs and the fear of salmonella) the taste is okish image attached.

I’ve ended the first day at a local food stand (Yatai) for some Ramen and beer. Random Japanese person joined in for the photo

Good night ūüôā

Let’s start with the contract itself – DrEd¬†offers an online¬†doctors service which allow people to buy prescription medication online (legally!). I was contracted for a short (3 months) gig to help with the final steps of rolling out a new AngularJS (1.4) single page application that replaces their older PHP stack. I’ll admit¬†that I’ve lost some (most) of my love of AngularJS after working with ReactJS, but it’s still great to see the impressive¬†improvements (in user experience and conversions) that you get by simply moving to a better flowing single page application.

But that’s all in the past (well it will be in two days) as I’m leaving for a month long adventure in Japan. Details on the trip can be found here¬†¬†and I will be doing my best to keep the blog updated with my adventures (internet connection providing). Hopefully I’ll also get a few nice photos to share with you ūüôā

I’ll be¬†arriving back to London in the beginning of December, will try to find a new contract but realistically I’ll probably have to wait until January for that and will use December to work on some personal projects – nothing specific in mind but I’d like to start playing with some Node based cms systems and maybe even some Vue.js – will see.