Let’s start with the contract itself – DrEd offers an online doctors service which allow people to buy prescription medication online (legally!). I was contracted for a short (3 months) gig to help with the final steps of rolling out a new AngularJS (1.4) single page application that replaces their older PHP stack. I’ll admit that I’ve lost some (most) of my love of AngularJS after working with ReactJS, but it’s still great to see the impressive improvements (in user experience and conversions) that you get by simply moving to a better flowing single page application.

But that’s all in the past (well it will be in two days) as I’m leaving for a month long adventure in Japan. Details on the trip can be found here  and I will be doing my best to keep the blog updated with my adventures (internet connection providing). Hopefully I’ll also get a few nice photos to share with you 🙂

I’ll be arriving back to London in the beginning of December, will try to find a new contract but realistically I’ll probably have to wait until January for that and will use December to work on some personal projects – nothing specific in mind but I’d like to start playing with some Node based cms systems and maybe even some Vue.js – will see.